Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sorry, been having allergy issues at the moment. Happens every year, especially when it rains... Which, as previously stated, it has been this week. Hating this headache, though. Things have been... the same. Nothing ever really happens here outside of football season.

Worried about that link I was sent the other day. Really.... I mean, these kids are dieing (dying?), and apparently the people from where they're from...Don't care? Have sent them there?  I don't even know. Why would they do that? And another thing, why are so many of these accounts from college-age people and older? I thought that wasn't the m.o. ... Whatever.

Need to schedule an appointment with my therapist... Yay, woo. Nothing against therapists, I mean, he's helped me out a lot over the last few years. Saved my life a few times. Don't worry, I won't go into the boring details of my mental state for the "enjoyment" of anyone who might be reading this blog. Not that I think many are at the moment. If any.... After all, who but Marie would want to read the ramblings I leave here? 

Everybody's moved away from here, it feels like. Yeah, I know.... Quit whining. I'm just gonna go drown in music and paint a little. I got the red paint I needed.


  1. You. Marie told me you were self-depricating on some blog I didn't know about. What is that huh? Here I thought we were the sharing kind. Hmph. How many times do I have to tell you, it's school, work and the price of plane tickets that keep some of us away. Not choice. That's all I have to say.

    Also: *stalks*

  2. Rassumfrassum... Rassafrass!
    Okay... Blogspot's being a derp at me.
    Anyway, nice to see you, Ti...
    And I know, I know. Believe me, I know.
    Distracting myself with work right now, mostly. And no, that sond was not me being mopey. I just like the song. It's a good song.

    Also, Marie, quit being a creeper, dammit.

  3. Hi, yeah. That was me.... Blogger has deciced to hate my guts and not let me comment normally at the moment. Sorry. Excuse me while I fly into a rage and stab my computer in the face.

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  5. . . . I was wondering what was up with the random letters.

    Also: ack deleted my post accidentally.

  6. Yeeeeah.... Not sure what's up with that. My laptop's been acting up recently, as well as Blogspot deciding to act weird.