Friday, July 22, 2011


...I feel almost hungover. Or I presume that's what this feels like. I've never actually been hungover, you know? Anyway, when I woke up, there was an odd symbol painted on the palm of my hand. Odd because for one, it's not one I've seen used before, and for two because my paint is on the other side of the room from where I sleep and I was still hooked up to the machine when I woke up this morning.  It looks to be in a mixture of red and black paint, probably acrylic, but is smells a bit... off, like there's something mixed into it. It's obviously not oil, because it's actually dry. I'll plop my hand on the scanner and put it at the bottom of the post, I guess. Maybe someone will recognize it.

Marie's still a bit off, but she's nearly nocturnal by this point, though I suppose time of day doesn't make all that much difference, does it? I don't have work today, so I'll catch up on some reading and get back to the research I was doing, even though it's only gotten me in trouble so far. Apparently I commented on someone else's blog while I was in a daze after that incident last night. Maybe being halfway in shock gives me more of a spine. Who knows? Lord knows I need one.

I actually feel kind of guilty for what happened, though his quick disappearance makes it even more obvious that whoever that guy was, he wasn't exactly... on the level. I'll take a look at his envelope later. Still waiting for a reply to something, but then again, some of the people in question have been occupied recently.

Tia, I'll call you later. Just keep in mind, a friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend that's dead is a poor conversationalist, yeah?

Later Edit: It turns out the messages I sent out weren't even received. Ugh! Okay. Calm. I'm just going to deal with this more directly.
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  1. I'm not entirely sure whose going to end up the bad conversationalist at this point Lis.

  2. "It really is sad that I'm almost afraid of even contacting others. Especially as their contact with me might spread knowledge of what's happening to Tia. I want to keep her out of the loop on this if I can, especially if the whole knowledge thing really is what puts you in more danger. Ugh. But even beyond that, it's just an extension of my usual anxiety issues, which have gotten understandably worse as the last month has passed. They don't know me, and I don't know them, but maybe that's for the best. I doubt any of them would like me very much, anyway. And look at me, worrying about that sort of thing when I had my first close encounter with a likely proxy yesterday. I'm an idiot."

    I enjoy this more than I should. ^.^