Thursday, July 28, 2011

interesting post name here

I now have purple hair, a mag-lite and a soldering iron on me at all times, and the new Dresden Files book.  The first and last parts are solely to keep my spirits and mood up, but that counts for something, I suppose. I've been helping Marie get things ready for school, though who knows how that's going to go at this point.

If whoever spray painted that stupid symbol on the driveway is reading this, I'm not amused, and it's been mostly removed already. Ha. If it's Crispy, then just leave me alone, thanks. I hope your burns fester.

My arm is healing up well, which is a good thing, considering the pains I've been taking to keep it clean and closed. Butterfly strips are your friends, kids. I'm not sure why, but I've been painting a lot recently, and not all of it is related to the current situation, though I do find myself painting forest scenes more often than not. Most of them don't have a certain figure sneaking into them or weird symbols beyond the usual, though. Most of them.  Weird thing is, I had to throw out my red paint today. The color had dulled to a darker shade and it was smelling really... off. I don' want to say what the smell reminded me of, but let's just say it wasn't pleasant. Not sure how that happened.

Marie bullied me into contacting another person who is dealing with stuff as well, and I finally gave in. Unfortunately, she's been taken by someone recently and I'm not sure what her current status is. Whether you want them or not, I'm tossing at least thoughts in your direction, Elaine.

Marie's been cutting occasionally still, but at least she's letting me tend to them and keep from getting them infected. She knows I don't approve of it on any level, but at least they're shallow and being kept clean. She's taken to locking herself in the spare bedroom for the better half of the day and then coming out and sticking close to me for the rest of the time. I'm worried about you, Marie. But then, I worry about everyone. What is the world but a vicious, tangled knot of interconnected lives and worries?

Edit: Tia, when you read this, call me.


  1. No, please broadcast any minor instability I might be showing to the world, Lis.
    I enjoy it so much.
    There's some things I could say in regards to you, but I won't.

  2. Yeah, technically I'm captive but they haven't taken away the laptop yet, so I'm still here. Bruised all to hell, but here. Still kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop, honestly.

    Marie, if you're reading this, take it from me-you're going to need all the strength you've got, don't waste your energy and health on doing to yourself what others would love to do for you.

  3. Sorry, Miss Elaine.
    Our general mode of communication is snark some days.

  4. I'll work on it, though
    I know it's a stupid move to do, but it's an old habit.
    Not for attention, heck no.
    Elisa big-sisters too much at me for that to be viable.
    I guess I couldn't explain it very well even if I tried.

  5. Oh, the snark and selfdestruction. This is indeed starting to sound familiar!