Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving in

Okay, Marie said that my last post was okay despite denying that she ever "babbles". I could hear the air quotes over the phone. After all, I'm allowed to think over things as they are and were, or something like that. Anyway, there's been no sign of the kids who went missing on the fourth beyond thos initial bits of evidence in the woods. I'm... not going to be helping with the searches from here on out. I can't. I can't. At least not at the moment. I'm swamped with work, and the fact that Marie felt the need to get away from her parents for a bit. I figure, it's summer, and since I'm the only one living here, I'd let her move in temporarily, to at least give the family some breathing room. We'd been talking about something similar a while back anyway, and as long as it doesn't piss anyone off and she's willing to drive herself to work, I'm fine with it. Mar says I probably need the company anyway... I'm not going to deny it.

She told me to leave off the research I was doing for her, but honestly, parts of it are just sticking with me, bothering me at the most inopportune moments. That's hardly the half of it, though. This morning, I found a scrap of paper shoved in the crevice of the front door with a really odd little doodle on it. The scanner's freaking out right now when I try to use it, or I'd post the darn thing. I'll try to get my tech up to speed and I'll post it later. The weird thing was that rather than being at waist height or eye level, the darn thing was stuck in the door about two feet up from the porch. My knees do not thank whoever stuck it there.

As to art stuff, I'm crocheting now, and taking a break from painting. It's something I don't have to focus on too much. A nice, rhythmic sort of action while I listen to music. I discovered a "new" at least to me)  band last night, and I've been listening while I work on things. I like this one song, but it makes me laugh a little, because really, there's nobody who will guard against the shadows in the night no matter what they are, is there?

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