Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sorry about the rambling the other day. I've just been thinking over the past a lot recently due to events over the last... Coming up on two or three weeks now. I got out of the house today without Marie. She's not big into the whole church thing, anyway. I've been wondering if I should join back up with the search for those kids. Marie says I shouldn't, that "they were stupid to go into the trees", which I find to be a bit odd in its phrasing, even with the research I was doing for her. Beyond that, it's a cold thing to say about a six year-old and a five year-old

What Marie said is a little unsettling to me, really. Especially since the dogs are sticking close to the house when I let them out back at night. I think I'm going to let the babies stay inside except when they have to... go, right now. They're seeing something that I can't. That's the way it works with animals, right? Which reminds me, Marie, if you want anymore research done on the skinny bastard, leave Macy alone.

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  1. "on the skinny bastard, leave Macy alone."

    Chick, you don't explain much.