Saturday, July 30, 2011

Okey-dokey, then. - Marie

I have an account now, I guess.
Apparently, with someone posting in the comments anonymously, she thinks it'd be better if she can keep track of my stuff on the blog better.
Something like that.
I'll be glad when Tia gets here, to be completely honest.
Partially because things are worse than Elisa's been letting on.
As I said before, she's been trying not to let it show how much things are getting to her.
She threw out her red paint because she said it smelled like old blood.
Admittedly, it smelled really off.
She hasn't gone to work at the thrift store since she called in the other day.
And she's not eating.
She says that she just feels sick every time she gets food in her stomach.
I'm not letting her hide when her anxiety gets the better of her, though.
She's trying to be strong, and maybe in all the wrong ways, because it's just going to eat away at her.
This is dumb.
Tia will be able to talk to her better about these things than I will, once she's done wondering if Elisa's off her rocker more than usual.
Which she could be just a bit, considering what's going on.
We've decided to stay away from may parents place right now.
It's weird, because they knew something was up with Jared, but it's been six years since he died, and there's been nothing around the house since then.


  1. Fuck. Come on, now, keep it together, Lissie. I know it's tough, but you can't afford to lose it now. Neither of you can.

  2. Everything tastes like ashes, Elaine. One or two days without solid food won't do me in. I'm staying hydrated, and if all else fails, I'll make myself eat something. Promise.

  3. I'm on my way, and by no means a rescue force, but I'd rather be there with you all with all whatever's going on... be it in heads or not.

    I've got internet briefly in the shoddy hotel room that Blake and I are sharing. Thought I'd check in. We're getting there as fast as we can.

    My family's kind of in a tissy about such a short term move. They'll get over it. I think it's best for Liss to have people around. We can be like the support troops. Or something.

    Probably nothing half that heroic though.

  4. ...why is she named Sacrifice? ;______;