Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Things have been a bit weird in the area since the fourth. Apparently during the festivities of the night, two kids went missingin in the next town over, ostensibly having wandered off while their families were distracted.  No sign other than a headband and a sneaker has been found. They've been searching the woods in the area.

Marie called me last night, babbling something about her brother... Anyone who knows that family knows what I'm talking about. Jared Sinclair went missing back in high school. He would have been in the same graduating class as me, but he was a bit depressive even back in middle school.. I remember, because we went to the same therapist in town and used to meet up at the cafe in that area to talk a little and just give each other a little company. He was a bit paranoid, and always seemed to be doodling things. Jared wasn't the most talkative of people, but then, giving each other company wasn't exactly about talking, most of the time. It was almost nice, just sitting there in silence while he doodled and I read. Marie told me that he would never let her or their parents into his room, and when they went in to search it after he disappeared, the walls were almost solid blue and black from ballpoint pen and marker drawings on the walls. I almost wish I'd been able to get pictures of it, but the times I've been over to the Sinclair house since then, I was kept away from that room, and from what I could see through the partially open door once, her parents have repainted it since then.

Marie, I'm sorry if I'm saying too much, but I've just been thinking about those days recently. I feel sure you'll call me if there's something you want removed. I'm starting to think I know what you may suspect. These things don't happen in Alabama though... Right? Or at least not around here.

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