Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's been mostly quiet today other than a few things seem from the corners of eyes and a rather weird incident at work involving one of my coworkers insisting on calling me by the wrong name no matter how much I corrected him. I haven't had that problem with this guy before now.

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  1. "Some may wonder why I haven't done the "smart" thing and started to run yet. (Not that I think anyone is reading this.) I do have some very good reasons for that, though. For one, Marie is a minor, and both of her parents are around and give a damn about her, even though she's staying at my place right now. It would look bad if she just disappeared with her "surrogate sib" on so many levels. I can't do that to her parents after what happened to Jared, no matter how much they outwardly deny what happened. For another thing, there are health issues to keep in mind. Marie is diabetic and I have my own issues, both of which would be a bit hard to deal with while running, though if need be, I guess something could be figured out. I'm not going to leave her behind to the tender mercies of whatever may show up, though. No matter how useless I am, I'm going to do my best to keep her as safe as I can and I'm going to continue to try to keep Tia out of this. Doctor Chavez... Well, this blog has gone a bit off the rails from what he meant it to be, but I don't want him more involved tan he has to be, either. I know my posting things in code aren't helping me gain any help, but honestly, aside from starting another blog, I don't know how else to keep those not in the know from... knowing. If that makes any sense at all, because honestly, it barely even makes sense to me. I'm scared. I'm honestly, down to the bones, haven't felt this level of fear since I was a kid, terrified. I can't let Tia or even Marie know that, though.
    The thing is, I don't have much,if anything to lose. Not personally. I'm alone other than a few friends. Very few, considering my mental state since mom passed away. My very existence up to this point has been fairly pointless, but if I can do this one thing and help others... I don't know. It's stupid and idiotic. I know the smart thing to do would be to leave Marie behind and head out. I mean, I can live without the stupid machine, it's just not the best thing to try. I live in an area that used to be an old pine forest, for chrissake. I know this location isn't optimal."

    Jesus, wall of text. But at least it's informative rather than just looking like annoying text. -____-