Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh great.

Hoodie dude was outside again earlier after I was cleaning up after I got home from work, and actually in the yard this time. He had a knife or something in his hand, so I grabbed the first thing that came to hand in my supplies I've been getting together.  By the time I got back, he was on the porch and tacking an envelope to the door. It's probably got one of those stupidly ominous messages or something in it. I haven't checked yet.

Anyway,  I may have just shot someone in the chest with a flare gun at fairly close range and then slammed the door in his face as quickly as I could. Um. He's gone now, but that's going to hurt, considering he was kind of on fire. Second or third degree burns at least. I... hope I haven't screwed up things for myself even more. Cripes. Freaking adrenaline and anxiety.... I'm currently taking this surprisingly well, considering the situation, but I feel like I'm going to collapse at any moment, but I couldn't let him any closer to the house with Marie here. Time to curl up with some music and calm down some after I get this cut bandaged, if I can manage it. Focus on something positive. Focus.

Tia, before you read this, no. The answer is still no.


  1. Ffffffuck, that's what woke me up, Lis?
    Why didn't you say something?! We could have... Okay, no, that'd be dumb, butbutbut. I'm not a kid, Elisa.

  2. Yes you are.

    On so many levels. Shoosh, please. And stop cursing on my blog.

  3. . . . You know i don't like that answer.

  4. Why in the fuck didn't you check? What if it said "follow this instruction within the hour or else one of your dogs dies"?