Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slightly Delirious Posting

Rough coughing nightly
This sickness is far from kind
Feel like vomitting.


Barely left the inn
Total bill for our take-out?
Way too goddamn high.


Need to make money
Working on a few edits.
Writer's annoy me.


Be positive T,
Try to look on the bright side
...Is there a bright side?


I don't know why I felt the need to write my current state of mind in depressive and dire haiku. It seemed like a good idea ay the time. Of course, I'm still in a half sleep daze, so clearly I'm not the best judge of what's a good idea and what's not.


  1. Ahh yes, poetry in all it's forms intrigues me. Especially that of a depressive nature. Don't worry though! it's only going to get worse...

  2. No duh. I thought it was going to be sunshine and rainbows, ya freaking goober.
    You want to harass someone, come at me, but you leave Tia and Blake alone. Now excuse me while I go pretend to have bravado somewhere else.

  3. Sunny skies, depraved eyes, The way you struggle as hope dies.
    Set in stone, white as bone, breaking as a threat is thrown.
    Darkness grows, your breath slows, as the world thus casts rainbows.

    See, pain can be so happy, that's why I sometimes sing to those I'm mutilating.

    And I will 'harass' whoever I fucking want to. If I put them on my list, their blood is mine.

    Which happily includes yours too...

  4. Oh Lis, my Knight in Shining Armour, ever keeping bad verse from offending me.