Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still Positively Fucked

I ran out of book to read. It was all well and distracting enough. But now it's done. I'll have to nab one from  somewhere else... if I ever get out of this weirdness.

I slept for 20 hours today. According to the hotel clock. The hotel and my laptop seem to be running on slightly different patterns of time. Not that if I go by my notebook it's any better. According to my notebook I slept 18 hours. I have no idea what I dreamed of. I do know I was parched when I woke up and the sheets were positively drenched with sweat when I woke up.

I've got to do something. Just sitting and waiting is not making the situation any better. Neither is practically starving myself because I hardly trust any food in the hotel. As in I don't. I know this isn't fairyland (or maybe it is, True Fey are vicious from the tales) or silliness like that, but they teach you valuable lessons in old fairy tales. Don't eat the food with wicked witch provides. Or you get fat and lazy and end up in someone else's oven.

So I've been living on breakfast bars and a small supply of apples I had kept with me. And I'm starting to get hungry. And the protein in my diet is utterly minimal.

I have to leave and I'm getting anxious. It feels like something's trying to crawl into my head. I don't trust the outside though. Conundrum. Every day I look out of the hotel window and see the same thick fog. We're on the 3rd story and it's all the way up my window. It doesn't bode well.

I've contemplated burning the whole place down. I don't trust that either. What if Lis and Blake are still here I just can't see them? But it is... something. I've been wondering if maybe I'm stuck in my own head and I have to break the illusion to break free. Burning would maybe do that. Maybe. I don't know.

Before I resort to that sort of drastic something I'm going exploring. Maybe the hotel will have something that I can work with. I'm taking all my stuff with me. I only had a hiking backpack and my notebook carrier with my in the hotel room anyway. I can only hope the internet will work elsewhere so I can let you all know if I'm still alive in a day.

I don't think whatever has me here will let me back in the room once I leave it. Wish me luck?


  1. Okay. Tia. Lis is in there. She's posting. Though I guess you can't see it. Don't burn down the hotel. Seriously.

  2. The Lovers Reversed
    kenaz, eihwaz, perþ
    Patience, little moth.
    Red stands out so well against gray, doesn't it?
    You left me.