Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hotel called up to the room last night to tell us someone left a letter down at the front desk for us. Which is already suspicious, because we haven't exactly told anyone where we are. Blake went down to get it. He hasn't come back up since then.

I knocked on Lis's door for... I don't even know how long. My knuckles are all sore from how long I was banging with no response.

I went down to the lobby this morning to try and figure things out. No one was down there. No receptionist, no bellhop, no people out in the streets or driving. I thought about leaving the hotel for about 2 seconds... then thought better of it and came back to the room.

Blake wouldn't leave me all night, and Lis is always responsive. My cell phone's not working. At all. I have no idea why my little notebook's working enough to post this. But maybe Lis'll see it wherever she is.

I really, really hate being alone. And waiting. I'm not leaving this hotel room. I wish I had more reading material.


  1. What's the matter baby girl, can't stand to be alone? Don't worry. Listen closely, and you'll hear the screams.

  2. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

    Tia. Be fucking careful.

  3. I'm just hanging out... found some flares down the hall for some reason. Might use them if I end up needing too. Being as careful as I can be. Two days. All. A fucking. Lone.