Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Have a Gadget

And I'm totally playing on it. Oh my god, ereader, library that only weighs some tiny amount compared to an actual library. I was starting to fear I'd have to start trading books in and whatnot, but now I can hoarde them all! Blake is such a good boyfriend. And yes, this is a huge pick me up.

Before it started raining we also managed to make our way out to a sushi bar for lunch and there was laughter and bonding time and actually it's the first time I've been relaxed in... a long while. It felt damned good. While it lasted.

Now that it's raining, Lis is just staring out the window as we're slammed with the wet. It's almost like she's hypnotized by it, except I managed to catch her attention long enough to actually have her turn down my offer for tea or coffee. She's paused her long staring to fiddle in the blogs she's following, but it almost looks like she's going to cry over there...

Fuck this I'm going over there and hugging the hell outta her.


  1. I'm glad you three are getting some downtime. You deserve it for all of that. Give Lis a hug for me?

  2. Extra hug delivered via Tia Special Delivery.