Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There was nothing in there. I shot out the lock to the adjoining room, and there was nothing in there. No sign of Tia or Blake. Not even their luggage. I'm updating here so hat I know I updated. Maybe it'll be useful at some point.

Once upon at time, there was a little girl who loved to wander by herself. Once upon  a time, she knew every little creek, every tree, every bush where here family lived. Once upone a time she saw a tall black scarecrow in the funniest place. Once upon a time, she watched it and watched it until it moved. Once upon a time, she thought the scarecrow could not see her as she wandered into the forest. Once upon a time, she was very, very wrong. Once upon a time, the she found the black trees and they found her. Once upon a time, the little girl looked deep into the pool and forgot, forgot, forgot.


  1. The Wheel Of Fortune Reversed
    nauþiz, þurisaz, perþ
    Sometimes ways are not what they seem.
    Be careful little mouse.
    There is a larger game afoot.
    You left me.

  2. http://everything2.com/title/The+Lovecraftian+compulsion+to+keep+writing+even+as+one+is+being+devoured

    Bite me. This is not a game, this is not a story, and you are not the writer. You are not Marie, and I'm not letting myself fall apart util we get out of here. One, two, or three. The Crying Room, it is.