Monday, September 19, 2011

An Odd Couple of Days

Tia's still not feeling well after the incident in the hotel, not that I blame her, but I think it's mostly psychological at this point. She sleeps a lot. She's definitely a little bit more... clingy with us. Not that I mind. Not that Lis' minds. I'm just worried about her. I want her to be okay, I want us all to be okay.

She doesn't remember making that last blog post... I don't necessarily think she did. She doesn't exactly want to blog right now, or write at all, she just wants to sleep. I think she's a bit depressed, and maybe reliving some memories she'd rather not be. Of course, this is just all speculation on my part.
On a lighter(?) note Lis is being an odd rapid furious typer on her laptop again, which is good, because it's semi-back to normal. Even if she's still a little beat up. The typing's not about anything too pleasant, from what she tells me about Spence across the room, but at least she's back to her normalish self, from what I can surmise from our short time together. Yes Lis, I am maybe teasing you a small bit from over the internet. What can you do about it?

She's threatening me with pillow fights, Miss Reads Blog Posts Before I Can Even Finish Them. Oh, if only I were 15 again this might appeal more.

I think tomorrow I'm going to attempt to take the girls out and treat them to something relaxing. I don't know what, but something not alone and not in a forest and not in a hotel and not stressful. See, I can be nice and not utterly sarcastic sometimes.


  1. Actually, I think what I said was that I'd throw a pillow at your head, poopsie. Maybe.

  2. It's still threats of a pillow fight.
    > Implying you'd lose.