Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I have learned today

1. Blake has awesome taste in music. (Mine's better, though)
2. Marie Sinclair is still in a coma (Called her parents)
3. There are people who give a damn about me. (Surprise, surprise. No, seriously. I'm honestly surprised)
4. August St. Claire makes awesome pancakes and is beyond nice to talk to. (Also, even terribly mature teens make me feel old.)


  1. August's pancakes are the best things ever. And yes, he's good at taking care of folks. How do you know about the pancakes, though?

  2. Uhm. He may have made a bit of a detour on his current run. Heh. I gave him some of my mom's recipe cards in return.

  3. Heh, I'm glad he had a chance to stop by and help you.

  4. Me too... Really. Completely and utterly glad.

  5. Aw, it's nice that you guys got some company.
    I won't lie; I'm jealous; we all might as well be cavemen(woman?) without August around.

    ... hope you guys are doing okay, or, as well as you can be under the circumstances. And of course we give a damn! You're my friends, dammit! D<

  6. It was nice, yeah...
    And we're doing as well as can be expected, though I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop again. It's like a millipede with shoes... And spats. A very dapper millipede.

    Anyway, on that note, awww, friends? I, um, I. Yay.