Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So... I can't say I entirely agree with all the decisions being made here, but I'm going to trust Elisa in this. She does seem to be the more experienced one in this... area. Whatever this area is. Supernatural, something weird and possibly deadly, or hallucinations. I can't... really say.

But my emotional breakdown is over. For now. And I have to say, I'm ready to not let my emotions run the show again. Patch cuddled me while I was in that emotional space. Thank gods for puppies and lovers. I don't know what I'd do without them.

So Blake and I packed what little we had packed up. So we can be ready to go, whenever Lis gives the send off. I suppose I can understand why running is the logical choice, judging by Elisa's research and if what we're dealing with is equivalent to her research. And I'm all too eager to get out of the house surrounded by forest anyway. It's been constant nightmares about that forest whenever I manage sleep. Don't know where we'll go, but away is the best solution any of us can seem to come up with.


  1. We should go to New Orleans. That's totally too cliche. Nobody would think to look there. They're hipsters like that.

    And now I'm getting frowned at.

  2. ... you're special.

    Obvi we need to go to NYC. I mean, there's no forest there right?

  3. Wherever you go, try to find a place with sunshine and little rain. You'd be surprised what it'll do to help your mood. It won't hide you from Them, but at least you won't be putting yourself in a disadvantage by letting your environment affect your life and your dreams.

    Hope this helps. Either way, I wish the best for all of you.

  4. Tia: You love me and my mania.

    Dia: We're deciding at the moment. Obviously, it won't necessarily be something that gets broadcast on the blog. The specifics at least. At the very least, we're getting out of the general area for a while.

  5. So crazy woman.

    And yeah, the general area is up for deciding still. I'm just aiming to go someplace not heavily wooded.