Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cryptic Short Blog Post Aside

I meant to post a longer bit earlier when I had the net in my tiny, shithole of a hotel. But that didn't work out. Net cut out on us. So I have it back again, here's a more complete update:

Blake and I sit about 9 hours driving distance away now. But we need sleep. We drove way too long today. All together about 18 hours, stopping only at the fastest of food joints and for the quickest of bathroom breaks. Also, we got a little mixed up in New Mexico, but it only set us back about an hour and a half. We aim to leave 6 am tomorrow, so we should, travelling forward in time, arrive about 4 pm Lissie's time. Just so everyone knows.

My family's having an utter freak out and setting my cell on fire with voice mail and text messages. See, they're a settled kind of people now that Dad's out of the service and me moving with little to no heads up and moving so far away, they're a little unsettled. Grandma especially. She wants grandbabies. And to be able to raise them. Nooooot gonna happen anytime soon is what I'm sayin'.

Blake's family, on the other hand, is being really quite relaxed about it. Then again, his extended family equals a third of mine and they're all rather distant anyhow. I envy that in some ways.

I'm kind of anxious. I don't know why the thought of heading back to Alabama makes me so anxious, but it does. I had the trippiest dreams last night. I can't really recall all the details, but everything was in grayscale and distorted. It was just weird. Haven't dreamt in a long time. I think I'll chalk my nervousness up to the dreaming.


  1. I will give you hugs. Drive safe, and don't let the bedgbugs bite. I've been sleeping (or lack thereof) in the studio, so I fixed my "old" room up for y'all to stay in. I'll probably be in the studio with Marie when you get here.

  2. Okay. I'll just let myself in then I guess. I'll text you when we get close. Or something.

  3. I'll have the curtain open, how about that? I can see the road from there. Works?

  4. Yeah, the dreams were the reason you were nervous. Jesus, does everyone live in the land of denial these days?