Friday, August 19, 2011

Less something

Okay, sorry about that post earlier, not that anyone noticed other than Tia. I passed out again about ten minutes after posting it, anyway.

Marie's been found, a few hours ago, and it looks bad on all fronts. She was found in the woods about a mile or two away from my house, and isn't in good condition. A quick run-down, from what I've managed to get from her parents and from just listening. Funny how someone with purple hair can go unnoticed sometimes, and I'm good at listening. Also, nurses are gossips. Anyway, before I get distracted: She's in a DKA-induced coma (guessed as much... I guess it's better that dead from it), which is likely compounded by a depressed cranial fracture, there's some damage to the orbit of the left eye, a spiral fracture to the humerus of the left arm, as well as other damage to the arm that I haven't heard the extent of. There's apparently some damage to her ribs, and the lumbar portion of her spine is screwed to hell and back.

Her parents are oddly quiet about this whole thing, though they did visit me and let me know she was found and everything. I don't know what to think. I should be out of the hospital tomorrow, once they're done with the run of antibiotics they have me on. If they don't decide to think I did this. It's not like they can do much about the ribs other than give me pain meds, which I already had anyway, and there's no damage other than some general... offness from the concussion. The stitches I can deal with myself, probably.

I'm pissed, to say the least. Pissed and depressed, and I fucked up. I fucked up. I was supposed to keep her safe and keep an eye on her. I'm leaving this here because if I get any more upset, someone's going to come check on me. Not that it really matters, anyway.

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