Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Sure if this is Better or Worse

Lis appeared in the front yard today. She's in pretty bad shape. Not quite coherent, not to mention all the physical damage. She's at the hospital... they wouldn't let me stay overnight with her. It's alright. I just want her to be okay. She's got three broken ribs and is apparently concussed.

Think that part was sort of obvious. All she kept saying was "need to find Marie, need to find Marie." That was... odd. I spent most of there with her.

Marie is officially missing, with the cops and everything. Her parents were pretty upset. I have to admit though... something felt off about the rents. Just not quite as... upset as I think they should be. It was just muted. I don't know though, maybe I'm just imposing my own personal reactions on them. Maybe they let it show more at home. I just expected a little... more. Some unknowable quality.

Patch is still hiding under the couch. Poor pup. He's so freaked out.

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