Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yes, I'm cussing on your blog Lis. Not that you're anywhere around to fucking see it.

Jesus where the fuck did you all go? Blake and I just went out to the bakery to get cake for Marie and we come back and everyone is fucking gone. And the car is still in the drive way.

It looks like murder in the workroom. Some of Liss's paintings are missing, I'm not too surprised by that though, she's been burning some of them. I don't know what's going on. At all. I called the Sinclair's and the neighbors and all the business associates we have... nobody saw anything. Nobody heard anything. It's not like Lis is the type to just up and disappear while I'm away, no note or text or anything. It's just that she's fucking gone. And Marie too. It's her goddamn birthday why the hell would she up and disappear like this? 

Oh did I forget to mention it's her goddamn birthday? Yeah, it's her birthday. And we were going to go to her parents house and we were going to have a party and it was going to be fun and cute and sweet and shit, but now this is shit. It's all shit.

Blake and I searched the roads and trails surrounding the house, but it's started to get fucking dark, and I needed my goddamn meds. Blake made me come back. He's still searching but I'm starting to freak out a bit... I told him not to stay out longer than an hour. And made him promise not to wander the forest. Fuck I hate being alone right now. I hate that right now, while Liss and Marie are MIA, I'm going and worrying about myself. I'm just... so fucking frustrated right now.

Need to call the cops.

Also, fuck tears. They make it so goddamn hard to type.

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