Sunday, August 21, 2011

There once was a little bunny who had done no wrong.
She was given a knight and a handmaiden with blood on her dress to watch over her.
The knight rode off into the shadows when the shadows came the first time.
This left the handmaiden to be the guard.
The handmaiden did her utmost when the shadows came again, but fell.
The little bunny was broken because she had done wrong.

Four people meet at a crossroads.
How long until they all are gone?
Four people meet at a crossroads.
Who will be the first to go?
Four people meet at a crossroads.
Which of the paths will they take?

It's a game of masks.
The innocent, the victim, the caretaker, and the lover.
What lies behind those faces?
When will they fall?
When will they crumble?
What will it take?
Will new masks be rebuilt upon the ruins, or will you simply fall?

She can hear the screams.
She can smell the blood.
The paintings show as much.
How long until she breaks?
It should be easy, as hard as she tries to shield others.
She's no protector, and she knows that.

One will walk away, and another will come.
That should be interesting.

Don't trust me.
Don't trust anyone unless you have to.

It's time to wake up to the hard choices, kiddies.


  1. Nice little bit of writing for someone who's -in a coma-. I don't know who this is on Marie's account, but this isn't funny, bud. Then again, I guess "not funny" is to be expected at the moment.

    You think hard choices aren't apparent at the moment?

  2. Hard choices are all around, friend. I think what this was trying to point out, is there may be a traitor in your camp.

    Considering all the research I've done about the Hunters lately... it isn't that unlikely.

  3. True possibility. I had just gotten discharged from the hospital when that went up, and am admittedly still not "all there" due to a combination og pain meds and muscle relaxers on top of everything else. That and the fact that it's far easier to direct anger for a situation outward rather than inward. I usually prefer the latter, though.

    I've been going through the things in Marie's room, and if nothing else, she at the very least, knew more than she was letting on. Most of that up there is nearly word-for-word excerpts from some of the notes I've found in there. I'm not sure what to make of that fact.

  4. I've only had time to skim over them, sadly, but I spotted at least one paper dated some time during 2006. We're having to deal with said hard decisions now, and I don't have time for a more in-depth read-through.

  5. Lurker here and all I can say to this post is "FUCK YOU, McCREEPER".

    Lissie, I'm rooting for you along with a truckload of prayers. D: Hoping that all will be well.

  6. If you've been betrayed as far back as 2006... I hate to think of all the pain has been caused by that in the last 5 years. Whatever the case, I hope you and your friends are okay now. Let me know if you need some help after you find something. I might be able to dig something up about it.

  7. Lefty: Thanks... You stay safe, as well.

    Dia: That's around the time Marie's brother died, back when he, Tia, and I were seniors in high school. I'm not even sure what really happened anymore, but he was presumed dead. The more I look into things, the deeper this is going.