Friday, August 12, 2011

Creepy Creeper Creeptastic

So I'm not denying that there's a definite element of creepy in this town. I need to first clarify that something was always off when I lived here. I never had so many repeat nightmares in California as I did here... as I do here.

I had a nightmare last night, same as the one from junior year. And I can never remember all the details, but there's the forest out next to Lissie's house and there's something coming for me. It's coming from the forest. I'm usually with my mother, and she's telling me to quit worrying, but she gets tugged into the darkness. She's blind: never saw it coming.

This time it's Blake. But he gets caught. Darkness takes him, and I know it's coming for me next. I have nowhere to go, just blackness everywhere. And then I have a panic attack and wake up.

Now see normally I'd attribute this dream to paranoia and my abandonment complex, but I haven't had it for a number of years now... and I want to attribute it environment. It just seems to be the only thing that fits now.

On another note: there was some creeper who followed me to the grocery store today. He stayed off a ways, but it was still like he was watching me. I made a good show of not noticing him. Maybe it's the same creeper who Lissie met with a flare gun? Dunno, doubt it. Either way, next time I'm not going alone. Taking Blake or Lissie with me.


  1. You're a pretty one. I can see why she likes you, Tia. Not that anyone but the kid has noticed, probably.

    Speaking of which, I need to plan for a certain birthday next week. Parties are always fun, don't you think?

  2. You know what?
    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, buddy.