Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Minutes too Late

The walls are still covered in blood. It stinks. Don't touch the walls. It's caked on like wet paint that someone threw everywhere. Careless.
The parents are dead. In the main room. They didn't matter too terribly much anyway.
It's everything else that is disappointing.
Marie is dead. Must be. This much blood could only come from 3 human bodies. It doesn't smell like another beasts' blood. No. This is human.
Two minutes too late. As in I should have been here minutes earlier - I might have saved... well let's not dwell on the details.
He, whoever he is, took Marie's body. He must be a he, you see. Marie explicitly called him such. She was smart you know, smarter than she let herself onto be. She was growing. She was not at her end, she still had progress still to be made.
What a terrible waste. All this mess.
She was going to rise. These were not the plans I had for her. Not at all. This is not the work of our Tall Father either, no. No. Nonono. This is someone else. He took my piece from me.
I've failed.
Not to say I hadn't accounted in options in such a case as this. Nono, don't be mistaken. I have. I will continue my work anyway. It would have - no. I've failed this day. Someone was dreadful wasteful.


  1. That was interesting.

  2. What the FUCK, Shepherd?!

    -sigh- Normally I like blood, but this is stupid.