Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Break in Silence

You may have noticed a bit of a... quiet spell from me over the last few weeks.
That was my fault.
I’ve had a visitor.
Oh! Who could he be?
Not long after dear Blakeykins got abandoned by darling Tia, I woke up to an unfamiliar face.
Highly novel, considering all I’ve seen are mother and father for the last few months.
Other than a few Visitations.
We all get those though don’t we?
That’s beside the point, though.
Mother and father are hardly good conversationalists at this point, anyway.
I was a bit of a disappointment, really.
Not quite what they expected to Deal with.
No mind, that’s not important, after all.
They are terribly insignificant creatures, I would find. Despite what knowledge they claimed to have. It’s unfortunate that they fail to see the potential in their spawnlet - and even themselves. They are the true disappointments here Darling.
They can’t go back and change this little mistake or take things away.
Not that I’d want them to.
Anyway, my visitor.
Who is currently peering over my shoulder while I type and playing the peanut gallery, apparently.
I’ll give you three guesses as to who it is, and the first two don’t count.
You’re all complete idiots if you can’t- oh I’m sorry that’s not polite talking is it? Here. I’ll give you all a hint. Wait, no I won’t. I’m not nice enough for that.
I think it’s a given that they’re idiots.
A bunch of slavering idiots and betrayers and murderers and scum.
Calm down Darling. They’re all those things. We can’t change their retardation.
I’m calm.
Totally calm.
Anyway, my visitor has been none other than the illustrious Shepherd.
Isn’t my Darling Marie just the sweetest of girls?
I haven’t tried to run over you with the Chair or strangle you in over a week.
I call that sweet.
I’m ever so grateful.
Anyway, unlike the sweet and ever so sinless and heartbreakingly saccharine Elisa and her dearest Tia, he actually came to check on me.
I wonder if those two have jumped each other yet.
After all, they don’t have darling Blakeykins to get in the way anymore.
No, not yet.
Sure of that?
Bet they’d move on right quick.
Seem to make a habit of it.
Nah, you’re probably right.
That wouldn’t vibe with them, most likely.
“Oh, too soon, too soon~”
But then again, maybe I’m just fucking around.
Maybe the bestest buddies in the whole damn world are gonna stay just that.
Not likely.
Quit messing with my flair for the dramatic.
You’re more of a dramatist than me, anyway.
Sometimes, admittedly.
Is that what I’ve come to?
Though admittedly, he does have his... charms.
Thank you Darling.
Not that I saw them at first.
Or wanted to.
Boning is not high on my list of priorities at the moment.
Considering the whole paralysis issue.
You liked it anyway.
Denial would not be beneficial to you Marie~
Bite me.
You'd like that too wouldn't you?
It’s been an interesting...
We’ve been discussing, well, plans.
Happy Holidays, ladies.
Do stay safe.
I do hope you ladies are doing well, wounds healing and hearts moving on and all that lovely nonsense. It seems as though the positive thinking has been doing you two wonders - daresay it I might be proud of how hard you to struggle on! So proud. I wonder how Blake is doing, and where he could be? I hope he's not a part of that cold mess you are a part of! It would be a terrible shame without a car and proper clothing, wouldn't it? Well, I'm sure he's enjoying himself. Somewhere. Seeing as we all seem to be at the moment.
It’s been a pleasure, Marie. I shall miss your company terribly over the next few days.
I'll return shortly.


  1. Shepard, is it? I guess this little effort of yours is pretty cute. You may grow up to be just like me one day~ Keep at it, now.

  2. Sheppy: Leave her alone.

    Rhodes: Shove off. And you can't even spell. Unless you're being patronizing, but then that might be a given.

  3. Darling~ we're getting along just fine. I couldn't leave Marie alone now that we've bonded~ Elisa, just trust me for a little bit. Relax your pretty little head. I'm not going to hurt her.

    And Rhodsey, you don't even know what my effort here is. Please, keep the smarm somewhere where it might actually affect someone.

  4. I think you both should be careful right about now. It sounds like Shepherd is getting ready to do something new.

  5. Oh.. this was pretty. Too bad it was about such depressing/morbid topics.

    Heh. Too bad you're the villain, Shep. Too bad ALOT of things.

    Oh well. It doesn't even matter, does it?