Friday, December 23, 2011

In Memoriam. Because.

I had planned to do a post yesterday, but I am, for once, in no place to mourn the loss of people I never had the fortune or misfortune to meet. There is nothing in that area for me to say that has not already been said. May they rest in as much peace as they can manage, if that is at all possible.

Loss is a terrible thing, honestly. To lose someone you care for, someone you feel responsible for is no better. Shep offered to send me pictures of the state of the Sinclair house. I feel sure he knew I don't trust him as far I I can throw him. Which, given the differences in our height and weight and the fact that I'm not exactly... Yeah, I need to stop go off on a tangent.

Marie Jenette Sinclair. The vast majority of her posts on this blog have been unpleasant at the very least, and needlessly cryptic at times. Except for perhaps the very end there, she was not the girl I had promised to keep an eye on and protect. This much became obvious in the emails she continued to send me after some time. They were hurtful and bitter, barbed and intended to make me hurt, but it was no less than I deserved, yeah? I left her.

Do I feel guilt over her death? Yes. Despite everything, Marie was my responsibility. Maybe if, as soon as it had become obvious that she was awake, we had gone back to Alabama, this could've been prevented. I could have done something, as unlikely as it sounds for someone as ineffectual as myself.

Instead, she's dead, and her parents were slaughtered like so much cattle. I should've been there, even if it meant that I would've died as well or instead.

Marie was not a bad person. She never was. She was hurting and twisted by something outside of herself. There was an inherent frustration to her posts and emails. Whoever did this killed not someone who could even attempt to fight back. They killed a diabetic, paralyzed, weakened, brain-damaged, and mentally-altered teenager who was defenseless, and by all accounts, given into that state fairly willingly by her parents. That is the act of  a coward. Especially if Shep is right and it wasn't Slim Jim.

I'm going to leave this here, but I had to get this out. People are going to contradict me, of course, but this, on some level, is my fault. The least I can do is remember the good parts of her.


  1. Oh thank god. I woke up this morning and stumbled onto this blog, saw "Memoriam", and immediately assumed you were joining in the zero worship. Color me a shade of pleasantly surprised.

    It sucks that your friend died. Really, it is. She sounds like a lot of people I know. In the end, though, you all really are just cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

    Don't take that as an insult. We're cattle too. Just with a different purpose.

  2. As I stated, there's very little on that subject that I could add, and I only know the guy through reading things. That's hardly the sort of way to go into talking about a person. I think it's a little pretentious to do so, coming from that position, no offense intended to the ones who did.

    But then, I'm not quite in the mental state to debate much of anything. I just figure, there are very few people left to remember her anything like fondly, so I might as well. With her brother and parents dead, and her having estranged herself from any friends she had at school before things happened... yeah.

    Normally, I might debate the classification of people as cattle, but I'm tired, sorry.

  3. It's not your fault, Lis. But I'm sorry about Marie.

  4. I'm so sorry for Marie. I know you predicted people saying this but Elaine is right. It's not your fault. There was no way to know this would happen.

  5. Rest in Peace.

    -sigh- Is there a place to bring flowers? Or is that forbidden as well?