Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Don't Think You All Quite Understood Me

I said these women are optimistic and saccharine. I meant... exactly that. They were expecting things to go wrong, I don't think they were expecting things to go this wrong. Or if they had accounted for this margin of error... then they were expecting to get out of it. To get lucky.

We don't get lucky in this little world of ours.

We just don't. We get the odds stacked against us and have to make due with that. We have to deal with tumbling issues and dying friends and aching deep sadnesses as we watch them fade into their end. As we contemplate if we caused this, if it's all our fault. (What am I saying? It's always my fault.)

Tia's still not talking. She's sad and scared and a little broken. I, personally, think we need to stop to visit a spirit healer on our way out and while Lis is up for anything and everything, Tia's a skeptic. It's also too fresh to heal. She wants to feel the ache more. But if anything, I know that we need to heal quickly or shit will never get done.

Experience is a bitch. Then you die?

Is that even a remotely appropriate statement?

I think I'm just going to go... I've got more to say... but not right now. Not at all right now.


  1. They turned Blake into a monster and took her child. Tia's been beaten hard.

    Lis and you aren't looking much better.

    If you think you've hit rock bottom yet, trust me, you haven't. It always gets worse.

    Just be careful with the Spirit Healer. The poor bastard might have a bit of trouble, what with the massive cloud of Evil Monster surrounding you.

    Good luck.

    1. I just heard the /most/ disgusted bit of muttering from Kailin. I'm not even sure if all of that was English. I'm going to assume it was in regards to this... Lovely.

    2. o_o;;; What? What did I say? You're being stalked by the Slender Man, of course you've got a massive cloud of Evil Monster surrounding you! Seriously, the Tall And Thin and Suit and Slim and Shit and Kin is a bastard of a thing for most people to sense.

      I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult? What'd I do?

    3. No, no... Zie says zie gets /that/. Just... Right. I'll let zer address that later, when zie isn't grumbling things I only understand about a third of.

    4. Someone speaks as though someone knows all of someone else's life experiences. Do not assume that one has not seen 'rock bottom' - and do not assume that one has. Simple as that.

      And you clearly don't think the People I associate with as the hardy sort who specialize in people that ooze nastiness of a specific sort. To clarify. That's all.

    5. Bah! I just meant they may have a bit of trouble.

      Sheesh. I don't know what you want from me, Kid. It can ALWAYS get worse. I thought you knew that by now?

  2. Insulting them won't make the situation better, Kailin.

    Let me know when you get ready to tell your stories again.

    1. And now zie's being adamant about the fact that zie didn't mean that as an insult. Oh geez...

    2. Well, crap. That makes zir around my level of accidental social faux pas.. >>;;

      I can't blame Kailin. I'm pretty sure I've done worse. -_-

    3. The mums know I'm not insulting them. And that's what matters to me.

  3. "Experience is a bitch. Then you die?"

    I think this applys to most things. Gotta spend your time doing things you enjoy. Because things are always going to suck so you have to spend the terrible times having fun.

    1. I... I can understand that.
      Try and make the bad times fun...
      But if they are bad,
      surely they cannot be fun?

      Maybe I am confusing myself.
      Either way Kailin,
      look after them.

      Even if they say they do not need it,
      they probably do.
      I do not have to tell you to keep safe.
      You're the kind of people who know that already.

    2. Things will always be bad. But they don't have to be unbarable.