Friday, October 14, 2011

A Taste of Normalcy

Lissie and I went into town today - for the first time in months we had some quality, just us time. She is my longest friend you know, it's not as though that comes without any bonding time. I did miss Lissie time when I was living in California, you know it's not the same with phone calls and skype chats.

So we went out to eat at a fanciful restaurant with menus that had no prices on the listings and spoiled ourselves silly. We even dared to eat dessert. It was a bold night for us, but that butterscotch cheesecake was beyond worth it. So were the ribs. I have no regrets, even if my wallet does.

Then we hung out in a cafe until closing and just people watched for a couple hours. There was this mother and daughter pair and the girl was still in her softball cleats and she was all manner of sort of adorable. Sometimes I feel like such a freakin' breeder. I'm okay with that most days. Other days the idea of smallish me-spawn is terrifying.

And we talked about everything. It's been such a long time since we've gone from a topic like the best flavor whipped cream to politics to relationships and feelings. It was good to get things out and in the open, including the scarier bits of our situation. She's better at all the understanding bits about Him, I've never been the best at research, but she is. Thank heavens for that, because otherwise I'm sure we'd all be dead.

Yay for not being dead and still being able to joke about blueberry flavored punch or gingerbread houses or Sir Boll Weevil and his trusty sidekick the Dustbunny.


  1. Be sure to be quiet, girlies.
    Because if people hear, they get curious.
    And if they get curious...
    Oh, la.
    You're just another vector, then.
    Things spread and spread, and there's nothing you can do.

  2. Oh I'm sure they were very hush hush...
    In a tiny corner...
    Maybe with some candlelight.
    It's all about appearances right?
    And they do appear such a /normal/ couple of friends don't they?
    Without you.

  3. You can't have them.
    They left me.
    They left me.
    Elisa left me.
    A promise is a promise is a promise.

  4. Ooooh, someone is fiercely angry about getting left behind isn't she?
    A little savage isn't she?
    Really, you must calm down.
    It can't be any good for your physical state can it Little Bunny?
    Is that a twinge of jealousy I sense?
    Maybe more than a twinge.

  5. Jealous of what?
    People who can't face themselves?
    A coward and a domestic?
    It is to laugh.
    She promised.
    She left.

  6. A coward and a domestic you can't have.
    I might say you miss them. Miss the attention.
    You're starved for it aren't you?
    Mummy and Daddy don't look at you anyway. Never have, never will.
    Now even He doesn't look at you.
    Oh the heartbreak.
    How does it feel to not be in His Sight? Empty? Are you clawing at your insides hoping to nab His attention?
    Need I remind you Bunny? You can only have them if you can get to them.

  7. He sees.
    He sees.
    I am broken.
    I will never be fixed.
    I know this.
    You know nothing.

  8. He sees?
    Is what He sees even worth mention?
    What good are you to Him?
    Prove me wrong Little Rabbit Sacrifice.
    Show Him what you're worth.