Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Someone Has Been Looking At Us

There was an envelope tucked into the door of the hotel room. Don't currently have a scanner so I'm transcribing it. Don't much care for what I'm reading here. And some of the document is blacked out, noted thusly: (----)
Subject 058
  • Marie Sinclair
  • Age of first encounter: 11 (2005) Documented. Vector unknown.
  • Note: Diagnosed at age 16 with Type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar kept normalized mostly through diet modification.
  • Family Relationships: Seemingly normal relationship with parents. Slight hero-worship of older brother.
  • Status: Self harm/mutilation, signs of intense guilt over some unknown incident. Possibly blames herself for the fate of Subject 059. Paralyzed from the waist down and rendered comatose after a two-day disappearance (2011). Is presently awake as of (-----) and residing with her parents again.
Subject 059
  • Jared Sinclair
  • Age of first encounter: 17 (2005) Documented.
  • Family Relationships: Distant from parents, seemingly over-protective of younger sister.
  • Status: Disappeared, presumed dead at age 18 (2006) (-------------------------------------------------------------) Showed signs of acute paranoia and delusion prior to the events. Attended therapy sessions with one Dr. Hector Chavez.
Subject 104
  • Elisa Jackson
  • Age of first encounter: 23 (2011) Questionable. Presumed exposed by Subject 059 as of 2006, with quite some time before showing signs.
  • Note: Shows signs of obstructive sleep apnea, and uses a C-PAP machine in order ot assist with said condition. (---------) Has been known to show signs of malnutrition.
  • Family Relationships: Normal up until 2003-2004. Mother deceased (2008) Father at large, divorced (2003). Only child.
  • Status: Emotionally unstable and shows a severe lack of self-worth and self-compassion at times. Shows signs of what may be a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, tied to events which are not common knowledge at this time, but part of which are believed to be tied to her father. Shows signs of severe social and generalized anxiety. Shows surprising levels of tenacity when spurred by the proper stimulus. Attended therapy sessions with one Dr. Hector Chavez.
Subject 162
  • Tiana Harlow
  • Note: Shows mild asthmatic symptoms, exacerbated by the "sickness" associated with the entity. Shows signs of (----------------------)
  • Age of first encounter: 23 (2011) Exposed by Subject 104.
  • Family Relationships: Very close to her mother; idol-worship of father. Only child.
  • Status: Shows signs of a severe abandonment complex and issues with forming lasting attachments with people due to continued moving as a child, in addition to her fathers multiple tours with the Army. Subject 104 is apparently an anomaly in this regard. Further digging reveals a year and a half of therapy for depression after her father's death (2008) with one Dr. Lily Clement.
Subject 163
  • Blake Faust
  • Age of first encounter: 26 (2011) Exposed by Subject 104 by connection with Subject 162
  • Family Relationships: Comes from a large family planted (mostly) in California. (----------------) Seems to remain fairly distant from them (possibly also a symptom of his hero complex, mentioned below). Potential siblings(?)
  • Status: Has developed something of a hero complex due to his relationship with Subject 162. Further investigation needed.
Need documentation on the parents of Subjects 058 and 059.
Marie? Awake? Last we checked that was not the case. Oh, did I mention this was done on a typewriter?

I think it's time we get to Elaine's.


  1. Yes, those are some smart details to release, Blake. Mrg.

  2. It's not as though most of these details couldn't be guessed just by reading our archive anyway.

  3. True... I'm just being a grumpy hurt person for once. Sorry.

  4. Eeesh. Yeah, that's not worrisome at all...

  5. Oh dear me, it seems someone managed to get their hands on poor, unfortunate, departed Jules' copy of my notes. I'll have to do something about that, won't I?

  6. Anything else you'd like to share Shepherd? I'm sure we're all interested.

  7. Our lives are constantly worrisome Elaine. Such is the life of a runner.

  8. I prefer to reveal my secrets in person if at all, Blakeykins. Interested in learning a bit more?

  9. Not particularly, but thanks for the offer. You know, mommy always taught me to stray from strange men offering me strange sweets.