Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is right? Guess I'm home again. I'm really, really, very tired. And feel like shit. Vomit again. Sleeping all the time.

Need time to recover.
Don't particularly feel like talking about what happened in the time between Lissie and Tia getting out and me getting left behind.

Not forgotten. Just out of reach.

Shepherd wandered away for a bit... managed to get free, wandered a bit myself. Guess Tia and Lissie had been looking for me, so they found me. And now I'm back.
Still feeling out of it.

Shaun, I was keeping it vague in the hopes that we'd be out of reach for a day, not for a week. I had been hoping he wouldn't find us. I was hoping for a good day. So much for hopes eh?

Currently feeling a little out of touch. I'll maybe give another update when I'm feeling up to it. I don't think we should be staying here longer as a result of my health.
We've got to get going. For the girls' sake.

For Tia's sake...


  1. wait youre back? shit blake good to know you are alive, um. how did you find your way back to them? what happened? more info would be nice. but good to see you are alive bro.

    peace out,

  2. I'd prefer not... to just talk about it right now. The alive part was the important part that I wanted to get out... the rest. You know, bad things? They happened. And then, you know, I caught a break for maybe 20 and wound my way out of bindings and, you know, met Tia and Lissie somewhere in the between.

    It's kind of hazy. Sorry, I know more info would be nice... but I can't give it. I just can't.

    Good to see you're alive too though.

  3. Shit, man. yeah no i understand, didn't mean to bother ya. just like glad to know youre alive...take care of tia and lissie, god knows you all need the help. i might come visit soon.