Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Elaine went out looking, as did a few others, apparently, and thank you all. But... there's still no sign of Blake. I'm not saying the panic's growing, but... it is.

I really wish I knew where he was... but I don't at the same time. I just hope he's okay. And I'm still... confident he hasn't up and left. Just it doesn't read like that. And he wouldn't just leave me. They don't all leave eventually, and I know that, as much as my head says otherwise.

There's this sinking feeling I'm getting and it makes me want to look, but I don't want him coming back and me not being here, so I'll wait patiently. And keep myself together in one pretty piece. It wouldn't do to fall apart would it?

And I'm at Hope. I'm holding onto what I have of my own hope.


  1. Ohhhh Sweetling, you want to know where he is?
    How darling of you~
    Your false hope is simply charming! You're being so patient and well behaved and trusting! This is so unlike you Sparrow! I daresay I might be proud of you.
    So proud I might even give you a little hint...
    Ho hum... but I wonder if you really...
    Things to consider indeed...

  2. Oh hell, why not? I'll chance to whisper in your ear Sparrow.
    You want to know why your little friends couldn't find him on their little expedition?
    He's with me, and do you know what manner of things we're up to?
    We're having the deepest of heart-to-hearts.
    Do you want to know what's on his heart? Do you want to know just what I'm showing him?
    I'm showing him his little world without his most precious things~ And I bet you know exactly what that might be.
    It's you Sparrow~
    Don't worry though, he's doing quite well as it stands. He's more resilient than he lets on.

  3. I would love to know what Shepherd is talking about. But really, I think that you will find Blake. I am praying that you find him alive and in one piece. Your patience will probably be all that makes your waiting possible. Godspeed, love.

  4. I'm looking for you, you bastard, so I'd let him go now.

    We'll definitely find him Tia.

  5. ...Thanks Opal. I'm still processing a bit.

  6. I keep an eye out for him. Granted I'm 3 hours away but hey you never know.

    He'll pop up though. I'm sure of it.

  7. I hope they find him. I hadn't met him yet, but I will wish and hope and pray with everything I have that you get your partner back unharmed.