Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another note

Hey, babes.

It's been pretty damn interesting, talking to the girls again for the first time in ever. Lis snuck a kick to my shin once Tia let her free the other night.  Now, was that really fucking called for, sweetheart?


I have to say, I was right about one thing. Lis cares too damn much, sometimes. Not gonna say that's always a bad thing, but when you're crying over what some asshole you've never met or talked to's bitch-fit of a blog post, it gets a little silly. Makes me want to wring his neck, which is idiotic in its own right.

Yeah, I called you silly, babe. Got an issue with it? Let's go, then. Right, anyway.  Gotta be like a duck. Let the shit slide off your back. Duck in a rainstorm. Remember that, sweetie. Because it's a big-ass storm and we're just little things walking against the wind.

Tia... Tia's numb and angry.  Understandably. But we've been talking a bit. "Oh? You hit things? I hit things. Okay, let's be bros again." Heavy paraphrasing there. Of course it wasn't that simple. She's in a freaking territorial mood, even though she's the one who let me in the hotel room in the first place. Makes a lot of sense, babe.

Kailin, well now. First of all, no matter what zie says, I'm not wanting to tap that, no matter how nice you can look. Just clearing that up from the post zie did at the hospital. Not my type, anyway. You're a little too young for me, kid. Unless, well...

Someone asked me what I've been up to, in that lat post's comments section. That ever-so-lovely-and-endearing Miss Amy.  Now note, darling that I did not explicitly make any "demands". That would just be unpersonable of me. I was just meeting up with a few old school chums who are in a rough spot and needed some help. Yeah?


As to what I've been doing, I guess the easiest thing would be to say traveling. Since "glorified hobo" doesn't fit your needs. I'm pretty good at fitting people's needs, though. When I have to. 

Honestly, running is less the way to describe what I've done. What people are really doing, when it's from something that can find you with whatever passes for a thought for it. It's better that waiting around with your thumb up your ass once you realize there's more out there, though.  Well, I suppose people do run from the servitors thralls, pawns, proxies, whatever they call themselves at any given time.

I'm not sure what would have happened If what happened to me if I had stayed home after I heard them talking that time. After seeing the void and it seeing me. If what happened with Marie is any clue, maybe I wasn't quite a target. At least not by mister squid-orgy in a three piece suit. Or maybe I was. Maybe it's cat and mouse and I was just a bargaining chip that went missing.

Bargaining is bullshit.

But that's beside the point. What matters is the here and now, right? Exactly.  Happy May Day, kids.

Peace out, Girl Scouts.


  1. I think they call us proxies nowadays. Names don't really stick well in this line of work.

    1. I'll keep that in mind. You hear a lot of variation at times.

  2. First of may...
    First of may...
    I'm going to have that song stuck in my head.
    Thankyou for that.

  3. Okay, I give you credit for the Jonathan Coulton reference.

    So how the hell did you actually FIND them?

    1. He says he's been following us since Texas or so. Mrf. That and the fact is that I have my email account on my profile. And he's been emailing me for a while, using those sites that let you make a temporary, anonymous email address. I've mentioned them a few times. I had my suspiscions that it was him, but I hate to make assumptions with insufficient data.

      After all, I /thought/ he was dead. And he says that was for my own protection, and for Marie's. Well... We saw how well that ended up.

    2. Okay, that? That was a low blow, Lissie-dear.

  4. Ya know, Jared, I genuinely like you.

    Just a friendly reminder: Keep good care of those girls, darling Knight. You've shown up and made yourself known, it's a bit too late to back out. Make it worth it.

    1. I'll take that as a compliment, darling, because I don't know that it's something too often offered.

      And I plan to, babe. I've hurt too many people that matter to me. And lost them, too. Loss, hurt, betrayal, it comes with the package, right?

      And look at me being all melodramatic and bullshit. I'll do my damnedest, Amy-dear. After all, I may not be the whitest od knights, but something's better than nothing.

    2. *of

      Get to thinking faster than my hands can type, sometimes.

    3. Such a sweetheart. Now, if only the girls won't kick your ass or boot you out the door, you should be set.