Monday, May 14, 2012

Talk, Talk, Talk

So I have trust issues.

And I invited someone else to join the party.

Some of you may in fact be wondering why the hell I would actually do such a thing. Especially with trust issues. And all that jazz. Jared's poked me a couple of times about it himself. Why I decided to trust him when he puts Lissie in such a fit. One who endlessly comes onto the both of us (though it's harmless really, he's just a slut acting exactly like he's always acted), and who seems careless when it comes to considering other's points of views.

Okay, he's not really that bad. And there's a couple of legitimate reasons that I let him take the keys to the truck from time to time.

The first is simple: experience. He's got a whole bucket load of that. And we, as in Lissie and I, have like zilch. And we could use someone whose better at surviving and not being persuaded and all that shit.

The second? He's familiar with Shepherd. And though the man's been quiet, I don't think he's quite slipped out of our lives. Doesn't seem his style to let go, more his style to let us get comfy then come on full force when we're not expecting it. And I don't like not knowing what to expect.

I guess the last is that he's hot. I'm going to just be honest and blunt and let you all know how shallow I can be. He's totally banging. (Read my sarcasm and snarky bitch tone in that please. You're welcome.)

And that's that. I have no regrets. Except all of my regrets.


  1. Glad to see you're doing alright.

  2. Regret nothing. You can take none of it back.

  3. So very mortified at some of the words leveled at me, Tia-doll. But you know you want some, babe. The kid can sit in the truck for a while... or the bathroom. Or zie can watch. Either way.

    Either way, I'm ever so glad you lovelies let this shiftless, gormless asshole tag along with you.

  4. Too many regrets to be making sound decisions. At least you aren't brain damaged.