Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some 'Splainin to Do

(it seemed appropriate, with Konaa's return.)
It's been a week. Okay, more than a week now. A week and a half. Had to squeeze in time to see a doctor after the test and hope I was... fooling myself. Panic attacks can do great changeful things to a woman's body.

Unfortunately this is not one of those times. Unfortunately, now, I have a decision to make. Unfortunately I have a lot to think about on the matter. Reasons to keep the unknown parasite, reasons not to keep it. Factors that can't be let go so simply. I don't know if I'm determined enough right now...

But it would give me plenty of reasons to keep going. To persevere. And Lissie would be here with me. That much is nice to think about.

I haven't made a decision yet. Don't make this about the rights and wrongs of woman and her body and the things she may or may not chose to carry within it. I haven't made my decision, so it's not the time to hatefully discuss hateful matters.

After I've made up my mind, I'll let you all trample me with all that. For now, I've all the reasons in the world to not care about the moral blasphemies.


  1. Fuck, Tia. You do what damn well is right for you, whatever the fuckheads say, yeah? Fuck anyone who doesn't understand that.

  2. Oh gosh that's so sad and terrible I'm so sorry! You just do like Elaine said and don't let anyone make you feel bad for it. Things happen and they can be really sad but sometimes they are really happy too and it will turn out for the best! Good luck with stuff.


  3. You do whatever is the best decision for you okay Tia? Just take enough time to decide what will be best for you.

    Like Dia said, we just want you to be okay. As long as you're okay with whatever you do and okay in general...we'll be happy.

  4. ...Thank you all for the supportive comments. They're appreciated.

  5. Right, you do what you want, but I just want to weigh in and say that babies are fucking awesome, but sometimes they make things too complicated.

    I dunno, I love that I have my Caroline, but if a baby can wreak such havoc on a stable loving house... Just be aware that it will change everything.