Saturday, January 21, 2012


Things are never simple, huh? I'm sitting out here in the truck, waiting for Tia to come back out. We're at Blake's parents' place at the moment. She's inside...

Maybe not the safest move, but I'd let something slip. It's at least partially my fault, after all. I'f i'd just gotten theere sooner. If I'd just said something sooner. If. If. If.

Maybe it's arrogant to think I could've made a difference, but maybe I could've or maybe I'd have just made things worse, just like other times. It seems to happen more often than not, but... I could've done something, even if was wrong.

It keeps happening. How long until it's Tia's body?

No. Not going to think that way. But yeah, like I said, we decided that... Even though it's not the safest, I should probably stay outside. That whole "chronic inability to lie" thing might be a probelm in this. Heh...  Probably a reasonable precaution, even if I've already been in a staring contest, of sorts. Come on, Tia... Hurry up.


  1. Oh gosh. You can do it Lis,you're a srong good person and so is Tia. I'm sorry you guys have to do this no one should have to do any of the thingsliek this.


  2. Fuck. Hang the fuck in there, Lis. And I'm sorry you're having to do this.

  3. Ouch... that sounds like suckage. Hopefully it'll work itself out.

  4. Hang in there, all of you. I'm sorry I haven't been around to offer my support too. But know that I'm still hoping for the best for you all.

    I'm so sorry for everything you've went through; no one should suffer this. But hang in there.

  5. "How long until it's Tia's body?"

    Lis, what the FUCK?

    1. Honestly, it was just a thing of the moment. It is something that has to be thought about at times, though. If or when you might have to worry about someone you care for's death. I guess Tia's a little lucky, because she wouldn't have to tell any sort of direct family if something happened to me.

      I don't usually think that way, but when you're staring down the thing that may or may not have killed your mother, things flicker into a different perspective.

      I'm over it, though... Pretty much. It's just a case of overthinking things. It's a terrible habit at times, right? Tia scowled at me rather a bit when she saw that, of course.

      Sorry to cause any worry?