Monday, February 6, 2012

To Clarify

They've given me this laptop for free! And it's, like, freaking retarded powerful. At least that's what the internet says. But like, they just gave it up. I'm going to guess that has something to do with the source of said laptop (I've been reading the backlogs, the mums have been through some hell I see), but even so!

I've been reading through the backlogs. And the mums have been through their hell. I hardly see reason for them to trust me, a stranger, but they took me in.


Madness. Serious. Madness. But I guess that's what happens when you give a pregnant woman just what she's craving when she's craving it. And try it too. Pickles and peanut butter. Well, it was odd, but not that bad I guess? It could have been worse.

Other thing of mention: the spoiling doesn't stop at the laptop. They took me shopping. For clothes. They offered for make-up, but Awonawilona knows I've enough of that from years of practice with my five-finger discount. My make-up bag never leaves me.

I guess they'd like me to stop that if I'm traveling with them, the five-finger discount part, not the make-up part, so I guess I can do the mums that much at least. I mean, they're providing for me, out of their own pockets. Generosity has never been really in my vocabulary before. And if it weren't for spell-check I wouldn't know how to spell it. That's for sure.

But yeah.

These women are weird. But I think they might be growing on me too.


  1. Madness?

    THIS. IS-- do I have to say it?


    1. Oh man... what the fuck is up with the internet anyways? Okay, so I'll admit I had no clue what Shaun is on about, except... maybe he's just weird. But then Mums 1 & 2 showed me this movie...

      And you know I'm not going to complain about being assaulted by the sight of many an ab-wonderful, loincloth clad man, I'm still not sure about that whole internet meme thing? I'm not sure if education on internet memes is really time well spent?

      I guess I'll leave you all with this:

      Madness?! This. Is. NOPRESSURENODIAMONDS.

      See? That was weird.