Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Bad Case of the Restless

The mums are... sorta really optimistic. I'm just going to let you all know right here: this is Me. I am not an optimist. And no, I'm not a realist either. I'm one helluva down-in-the-dumps pessimist. I think shit's going to fall to shit even when it's all going alright, because usually... that's right when it all falls to hell in the worst way.

But the mums aren't of that blood. They think better of the world and people and still have some tiny faith in circumstance. I guess maybe it's because they have each other. It's all saccharine like that.

M'gonna get diabetes or some shit travelling with these women. Not. Even. Kidding.

But unfortunately being a pessimist also means that I see the things hat my optimistic friends won't see sometimes. Like I know they pick up on shit that I miss entirely.

But there's something not comfortable and slimy and disgusting closing in. It's familiar. I know it. It stinks. No matter how fast we move. It follows. It closes in. The mums wouldn't like me talking or typing or whatevering like this. It's not a good attitude to keep.

But the paint-splattered mum's been Dreaming. She hasn't posted about it yet, she thinks you all will think she's nutters or mad or out of her head or a thousand and one things I have been called in every family unit I have ever had.

But the Old Chief (may he rest well) would call Lis for what she is: Dreamer. And that's a scary and big and terrible responsibility and fate. And Them That Dream are usually also Them That Have Big Fates. Not usually the sort that can hide well in the background.

Well they can try. Paint-splattered Mum does her best. It's better than a lot could manage. But maybe the Thing That Stalks likes her and hers so much because of the Dreamings. Or maybe it will be the Thing That Stalks that will force her to meet her fate. Fate is a big word for only four letters. Y'know?

And here I am, all of sixteen and barely educated trying to explain to you all what Fate means. What it meant to Old Chief and all the things he tried to teach me before... well anyway.


The point is, don't ignore the Dreamers or their Dreamings. Because I know damned well the Things That Never Sleep won't be ignoring them. They'll be as familiar as they like with the Dreamers. And their People.

Grumpy Mum and I are here to stay though. It's been a while since anyone made me feel like I belong. And I think Grumpy Mum can relate to that feeling right there.

And now I'm getting Looks for being all emotional and typing over here. They suspect the revealing nature of my post. I'm hitting submit now.


  1. Optimistic realist, I'll have you know.
    Hell's freaking bells... Fine. Fine. I need to do something other than paint and watch you two watching movies, anyway.We're heading out today anyway, so keep your pants on. You're well enough to move, and things are looking better.

    I might post something when we stop for the night.

    1. ...Also, why is is the time-stamp screwing up on my comments? Never mind, it's not worth worrying about at the moment.

    2. Yaaay! Moving! We're way overdue for it!

      Thank you Mumsy~ <3

    3. Mumsy... Psh... More like Nobody Special, and don't you forget it, Kailin. Mum will do though, I suppose. Even if it's silly.

    4. You're totally special! Like the caretaking and concerned mum to all runners! I don't know why you're so in denial about it!

  2. And now I'm really intrigued by your story, kid. Any interest in sharing?

  3. My story will be told one comment at a time, post by post, when it is ready to be told. There's a lot to tell, so I'm not going to rush it.

    Though if you were to call Liss - she'd love to hear you voice in a while - you might get more of the details than I would normally give.

  4. That sounds really ominous! Keep safe you guys! Also nice to meet you Kailin Lis and tia are really sweet people and I think you can all get along. :)

    1. Me? Ambiguous and Ominous? I haven't the slightest as to what you're talking about!

      Nice to meet you too Bondie.